Dog Grooming

Here at Harepark Pampered Paws we aim to make your pet look and feel special. It is essential that they have a pleasant experience to enhance their well being and happiness. We love to pamper your dog as much as you do. We make sure that our high quality grooming sessions and services are available for most breeds irrespective of cross breed or pedigree. Our intention is to give every dog a haircut that closely matches their breed standard, however, paramount is always to listen to the needs and requirements of the owner and the lifestyle and environment of the dog in question.

Your dog will have a lovely stay at Harepark Pampered Paws, safe and secure and on nice days lovely fresh air and sunshine whilst waiting to be picked up. Although not vets ourselves, if we find any lumps & bumps or unusual skin conditions we will bring this to the owners attention.

Full Groom Prices List

Small breeds

  • Toys/Yorkshire Terriers/Maltese/Jack Russell from £25.00*
  • Terriers: Westie, Scottie, Cairn, Bichon, Llasso Apso, Min Schnauzer from £30.00*
  • Gundogs/Cocker/Springer/Clumber Spaniels from £35.00*

Large breeds

  • German Shepherd/Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle/Airedale from £40.00*

Puppy Package

  • Bathing, drying, nails and trimming face, feet and tail.
  • From £20*

*All prices are dependent on coat/skin condition of dog

Dog Walking

Everyone has good intentions when it comes to exercising their dog, and would love to have the time to take long walks with him every day. But if work/life commitments are restrictive and you still want your dog to get out and about, Harepark Pampered Paws can make sure they get all the exercise they need.

At Harepark Pampered Paws we only take out small groups of dogs to ensure your pet receives the utmost care and attention. Your dog will be collected from your home for a minimum of one hours walk and, with your written permission, trained dogs will also be let off their lead to have a good run around the park.

In the event of wet weather, your dog will be returned towel dried and always settled back into their home environment before being left, tired but very happy.

Walking Price List

Group Dog Walks

(maximum of 6 dogs at one time)

  • A 1 hour walk £9.00

Individual Dog Walks

For the dog who likes a more personal service

  • 1 hour – £15.00

We can accommodate walks from 6.30am – 6.30pm

All walks are exclusive of pick up/drop off and travel time